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art_pet-TherapyThey Don’t Judge, Just Love

There’s nothing like a visit from a four-legged animal to brighten anyone’s day. Family Hospice provides the right animal-assisted therapy team to help provide support and love to our patients and their families.

Certified therapy teams visit with patients wherever they reside – at home or professional care settings. For some patients, contact with these special animals evoke memories of pets in their lives.

“One of the most fundamental advantages of animal-assisted therapy over other therapeutic modalities is that it provides the patient a much-needed opportunity to give affection as well as receive it.” Dr. Andrew Weil


  1. Releases endorphins that have a calming effect
  2. Act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response
  3. Lifts spirits and lessens depression
  4. Encourages communication
  5. Provides comfort
  6. Increases socialization
  7. Reduces boredom
  8. Lowers anxiety
  9. Reduces loneliness
  10. Provides motivation to move

There is no additional charge for animal- assisted therapy. It is included as part of the hospice interdisciplinary team at Family Hospice and is funded by generous donations.

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In supporting our Tree of Memories program through the holiday season, we make ornaments available at our kiosk at St. Clair Square from November 30 through December 22.


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