Who qualifies for hospice?
Hospice is available to any one with an illness whose life expectancy is measured in months, rather than years.

How do I make arrangements for an evaluation visit?
Call Family Hospice at 277-1800 and request an evaluation by one of the Hospice Nurses. The Nurse will contact the physician and obtain an order to evaluate and then will make a visit, usually within an hour of your call.

What services are included in a “hospice benefit”?
Nurses, Home Health Aides, Social Workers and Chaplains make intermittent visits to patients in their homes. They evaluate the patient’s condition and contact the physician as needed. The Home Health Aide will schedule a visit to provide bathing and personal care. (See Medicare, Medicaid and VA Hospice Benefit )

Who Pays for Hospice?
Medicare, Medicaid and the Veteran’s Administration have special benefits that pay for hospice care. In addition, many insurance companies have a Hospice Benefit. These Hospice benefits provide reimbursement for care that is required because of the terminal diagnosis and related conditions.  The Hospice agency can verify coverage for services, prescriptions, home medical equipment and supplies.

Will I keep my same doctor?
Family Hospice encourages the patient to keep their own primary physician. The Hospice Medical director is available to consult and assist the primary physician and help with accessing care.

What do I do in case of an emergency?
In an emergency, you will call the Hospice Nurse using the phone numbers provided. The nurse will return your call and determine if a visit should be made, no matter what time it is. A Registered Nurse is available to visit the patient outside regular day time hours in case of emergencies.

If it is not an emergency, the Hospice Nurse will call and address the issue.

Will the patient go back to the hospital?
In most cases, the Hospice Team will be able to provide care in the patient’s home. If the patients symptoms cannot be controlled at home, or if the patient falls and injures themselves, the Hospice Nurse can make arrangements to call to transfer the patient to the hospital.




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