How to Help Seniors Deal with Depression

Aging adults may feel depressed for various reasons. They may have experienced loss of a loved one, health problems, or lack of purpose. Loneliness is also common amongst seniors, especially when social distancing measures are engulfing most of our daily lives. Depression can affect individuals of all ages, with the World Health Organization citing that […]

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Balancing Life As Our Parents Age

Ever hear of the term, the “sandwich” generation? Adults that fall within this generation are typically in their 40s and 50s, raising children and also caring for an aging parent. The balancing act can be overwhelming, especially when work and managing the day-to-day challenges life brings us is involved. Here are some tips found on […]

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Fun & Easy Exercise Tips for Seniors

After the age of 50, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass. Exercise at any age helps us to improve balance, posture and flexibility, increase bone density and also helps us control many of the diseases that can affect our health. Diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease can typically be controlled better by incorporating exercise. […]

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Why the Hospice Discussion is Important

There are many topics that are hard to discuss. Whether it’s talking about your health and wellness with a doctor, finances with your spouse or a career change with your employer, sometimes we would rather postpone (or minimalize) the discussion to make our lives easier. Discussing hospice care with your senior parent or loved one […]

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Celebrating National Nurses Week May 6-May 12

This May, we celebrate nurses. Following the theme of “Compassion, Expertise, Trust”, National Nurses Week begins on May 6 and concludes on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Internationally, nurses are celebrated around the world on May 12 annually. This year is even more extraordinary, because the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 as the […]

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April is Volunteer Month

There are many reasons the volunteers at Family Hospice are dedicated to volunteerism. For some, volunteering may fulfil an opportunity to learn a new skill or build upon their existing experience. Other volunteers may want to help out and give back to the community, working with us to assist and provide services to those in […]

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March is Social Worker Month

Written by Matt Brauss Executive Director of Family Hospice Once a year we recognize the profession of social work. In March, we reflect on the importance of their main role, which is to help individuals, families, groups and entire communities. Social workers aim to enhance the overall well-being of people by helping to develop their […]

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How to Approach End of Life Discussions with Loved Ones

Planning for the end of someone’s life is a topic many family members avoid because they think it’s too early, not the right time, or simply unbearable to consider — discussing the end of a loved one’s life is a difficult topic to talk about. Many families do not begin that discussion until a serious […]

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Spending Quality Time During the Holidays

Over the holiday break, it’s important to spend time with those you love. If your loved one is in hospice care, there are many activities you can do to make wonderful memories during the holiday season and all year long. Kind gestures and quality time spent with your friend or family member in hospice offers […]

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Making an Impact: The Tree of Memories Campaign

Celebrating its 26th year, the Tree of Memories Campaign is a wonderful opportunity for the public to support Belleville-based Family Hospice and its many service programs. For almost three decades, Family Hospice has provided comfort and care to people suffering with life-limiting illness, regardless of their ability to pay. The Tree of Memories Campaign supports […]

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