Winter Health Tips for the Aging

Individuals of all ages can become more irritable and depressed during the long, cold days of winter. Even the slightest physical activity can stimulate the brain and make you feel happier, which also promotes good overall health. Endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline get a boost from physical activity, which becomes more and more difficult when it’s […]

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Your Donation to the Tree of Memories Campaign Makes an Impact

Family Hospice is celebrating 30 years of service to counties in Madison, St. Clair, Randolf and beyond. Each year, the Tree of Memories Campaign takes place during the holiday season and is a wonderful opportunity for the public to support Belleville-based Family Hospice. Its many service programs provide comfort and care to people suffering with […]

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November is National Home Care and Hospice Month

National Home Care and Hospice Month is November, but to all of us at Family Hospice, we try and recognize what this month means all year long. We understand that living with terminal illness doesn’t just affect the individual, but the entire family and circle of friends surrounding the patient. We truly believe that you don’t […]

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Keeping Caregiver Stress Minimized this Holiday Season

Typically, November and December can be two of the busiest months of the year because of holiday entertaining. Many of us took a hiatus from our hectic schedules last year due to COVID-19, but as more and more individuals become vaccinated and additional treatments are discovered, gatherings are being planned. If you are the main […]

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Why Dealing With Grief Can Be Complicated

In our lifetime, all of us will, unfortunately, experience grief from a loved one passing. Dealing with grief is a very personal experience, and people deal with sadness and loss differently. There are standard phases of grief, but mental health experts do not have exact timeframes for those of us going through it. In essence, […]

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Deciding What Care is Best

When a cure is no longer a solution, it’s time to talk about palliative and hospice care for you or a loved one with a terminal illness. After countless hours at the hospital for tests, treatments, specialist consultations and more, having the conversation with someone you love about what future steps may be best can […]

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Why Hospice, Why Now?

“There comes a time in the course of a terminal illness when a cure cannot be given and health cannot be restored. Hospice Care provides an alternative. Hospice affirms life, alleviates suffering and promotes the well-being of patients, families and caregivers. Hospice care may not be for everyone, but more and more people are beginning […]

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Why Our Family Hospice Nurses Make A Big Difference

We celebrated National Nursing Assistant’s Week June 17-24, 2021. Our nurses and nurse assistants care for our patients and their needs while also assisting the families seeking care. Because of their skills, education and participation in the patient’s treatment plan, our CNAs and nurses are a big part of the decision-making process and hospice care. […]

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Do You Know the Warning Signs of a Stroke?

If you or a loved one is having a stroke, it’s important to know the warning signs. The best defense is to understand what the symptoms may be so that you can act quickly. The Mayo Clinic states that a stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is reduced or interrupted. […]

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Family Hospice Offers Care for Veterans

At Family Hospice, we provide support and care for veterans that may be approaching the end-of-life stage. Hospice care is provided to patients and family if a terminal condition exists and the patient’s medical provider has indicated less than 6 months to live. As a veteran no longer seeking active treatment, hospice care is available […]

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In supporting our Tree of Memories program through the holiday season, we make ornaments available at our kiosk at St. Clair Square from November 30 through December 22.


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We truly value our volunteers and the passion they bring to our family. Our 150 volunteers are dedicated to furthering the mission of hospice and supporting your family during this trying time.


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